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A Real Fright


I love Halloween so much. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. So just for fun, I decided to jump on eBay and look for my most favorite Halloween costume from childhood—Cheer Bear of the Care Bears. Yep, that’s your old pal Dotty Z up there, the tall one on the right. Sadly, when I did a search, this is one of the items that popped up: Continue reading


Jessica Simpson: The New Jennifer Aniston?


With Jessica Simpson’s recent breakup with Dallas Cowboys QB, Tony Romo, the tabloids have plastered her all over their covers, lamenting how she got dumped. Other mags and websites have thrown up photo galleries and theories on why the pair split. And all this attention has me wondering—Is Jessica the new (B-List) Jennifer Aniston? Continue reading

Confession of a Woman Tired of Stupid Chick Flicks

confessions_of_a_shopaholicLadies, I have a problem. The problem is “chick flicks,” and how much they suck. Seriously, what is up with the latest crop of absolutely horrible looking movies aimed at women? They’re all pink and sparkly and bitchy—cause pink, sparkles and catty ‘tudes, that’s what little girls are made of! Ugh, barf. Case in point, the forthcoming Confessions of a Shopaholic: Continue reading

Stupid Email Hall of Fame

We all get them: stupid email forwards. Misguided (or just plain idiotic) friends, relatives and coworkers forward us stuff that promises to be “hilarious” or “amazing,” when it’s actually so damn stupid, you want to reach through the computer and strangle them for sending it to you. These emails belong in the Stupid Email Hall of Fame. Today’s installment is a mix of sexism, politics and pure stupidity, courtesy of one of my redneck cousins: Continue reading

Don’t Feel Sorry for Sarah

In an amazing article on Salon.com, Rebecca Traister talks about the pity party being thrown for Sarah Palin. Traister rails against all the talk of “meanies,” such as the press, giving “poor Sarah” a hard time for being ill-prepared to speak as a candidate. Continue reading

FW: You Are Not Funny

Over at Buttercup Punch, my girl BDJ wrote about a moronic email forward sent to her by a relative. We’ve all received these: promises of money from Bill Gates; warnings of needles full of AIDS waiting to prick us at the gas station; reminders that if we don’t forward this message to 20 people in the next 10 minutes, God will stop loving us and we’ll be cursed with bad luck, a horrible sex life and financial woe for eternity. Then there’s the one I got today from my idiot cousin, who thinks sexism, racism and many other “isms” are just HILARIOUS (click image to see full view):

EPIC FAIL, asshat!