Stupid Email Hall of Fame

We all get them: stupid email forwards. Misguided (or just plain idiotic) friends, relatives and coworkers forward us stuff that promises to be “hilarious” or “amazing,” when it’s actually so damn stupid, you want to reach through the computer and strangle them for sending it to you. These emails belong in the Stupid Email Hall of Fame. Today’s installment is a mix of sexism, politics and pure stupidity, courtesy of one of my redneck cousins:

Okay, let’s work this out logically without a lot of emotion.

If you vote for Obama….
You get this…..
But if you vote for McCain….
You get this…
I don’t know about you guys, but looking at this in a logical manner, McCain appears to be the better candidate.


Yeah, I have a couple questions. For starters, are you really stupid enough to not see that’s an extremely bad cut-and-paste job on the Sarah Palin picture? And are you really dumb enough to vote for McCain because his running mate is a hot babe? And are you so fucking sexist that you’d send this out to everyone in your address book, including many women, thinking they’d find it humorous?

Have you received something like this? Or does this email pale in comparison to some of the stupid crap you’ve received? If so, forward those dumb emails to We’ll mock and debunk (if necessary) these stupid emails every Wednesday.


9 responses to “Stupid Email Hall of Fame

  1. The graphics are not showing up. But I can only guess as to the content, and that’s icky enough. Ugh.

  2. @nadarine: Well shit, I can see them,but maybe it’s just my computer. I’ll see what I can do.

  3. I can’t see them either, but that is ridiculously sexist.

  4. I think I may have seen that one, but yeah, I can’t see the pics either. But I’ve seen em before.

    My old newspaper got on the Drudge Report, btw. A woman who told a caller Obama lets babies die in hospital closets (say what?) had the Secret Service show up at her door alleging she’d made a death threat. So this woman already thought Obama was a baby-killing Socialist, and now she’s going even crazier because she’s been (gasp) persecuted!

  5. OK, apparently my shit’s not working so well, because I reloaded everything and Joe Biden’s still not showing up. He’s the second picture. Can you see everything else?

    @lalaland13: Did you see the footage of the old bitty who told John McCain at a rally, on the mic, that she wouldn’t vote for Obama because he was a Muslim? McCain corrected her and so did a reporter who talked to her later, and she still said, “I don’t care, I know he’s a Muslim.” Now, apparently she’s hiding out because people are pissed. I know I’d like to kick her stupid old ass!

  6. I had read on many lying Sites that Barrack Obama does not drink alcohol and that is not true.. is Obama really an alcoholic ?

  7. @thenonconformer: As long as he’s not drunk on the job, I don’t care. And I’m sorry, just because a person has a drink or two, does not mean they’re an alcoholic.

    And again, what does this have to do with anything other than a bunch of religious zealotry? Can we get worked up about some real, important issues like the economy, health care, education, the war in Iraq, the environment, etc., etc.? Because that’s the stuff I’m truly concerned about.

  8. In answer to the Web link posted, no, nonconformer. No one cares.

  9. McCain, Palin, and Nonconformer…take it elsewhere!

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