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Telling It Like It Is

alg_jon-gosselin_long.0.0.0x0.400x455I’ve expressed my disdain for Jon Gosselin and his class-less behavior here before, but Jezebel’s amazing Hortense hit the nail on the head about this douchebag, so I just thought I’d share.


I Miss Angela Chase


I realize she was a fictional character, but Angela Chase would never say something like this:

“That was a choice I made to fall in love. It’s unpleasant to be cast in such an unflattering role, but I just had to remain steadfast,” she recalls, her body language going into self-protection mode with an arm cradling her hunched-over frame and crossed legs.

“I was living with the same kind of integrity that I had always lived with. As a public person you’re serving a certain function, and you’re a canvas for people to project their own hopes and fears onto, so you do have to perform a kind of mental trick and distance yourself from it. But there are times of weakness in which you wonder if what they wrote is relevant to you or representative of you.”

That’s how she explains her relationship with Billy Crudup (remember when he left seven-months-pregnant Mary Louise Parker for Danes?) in a new BlackBook magazine interview. Integrity? She obviously knows nothing of the word.

Jessica Simpson: The New Jennifer Aniston?


With Jessica Simpson’s recent breakup with Dallas Cowboys QB, Tony Romo, the tabloids have plastered her all over their covers, lamenting how she got dumped. Other mags and websites have thrown up photo galleries and theories on why the pair split. And all this attention has me wondering—Is Jessica the new (B-List) Jennifer Aniston? Continue reading

Let It Burn


After weeks of gossip and speculation, Usher and his wife Tameka have announced they’re splitting. The parents of two boys married in 2007, and seemed to have a troubled marriage from the start. Rumors have flown that she’s too controlling, and he’s still living the bachelor life. Regardless, here’s hoping they keep it civil since two small children are involved.

It’s Back On


That’s if Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter is to be believed.

WTF, California?


That half-ass shit you pulled today was LAME. Super-lame. Shame on you for keeping discrimination and hate alive in your state.

You Stay Klassy, Nas


Rapper Nas says he doesn’t want to pay his pregnant soon-to-be ex-wife Kelis spousal support. Nevermind she’s carrying his child, and the divorce is allegedly due to his cheating ways.