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A Real Fright


I love Halloween so much. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. So just for fun, I decided to jump on eBay and look for my most favorite Halloween costume from childhood—Cheer Bear of the Care Bears. Yep, that’s your old pal Dotty Z up there, the tall one on the right. Sadly, when I did a search, this is one of the items that popped up: Continue reading


Happy Memorial Day!

0000-8504-4~Pin-Up-Girl-Army-Air-Force-PostersI hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. And I’d also like to say thank you and honor all those who’ve given their lives defending our country. Your sacrifices are never forgotten!

A Holiday Tradition

ten_commandmentsSince I’m a lucky girl and get tomorrow off (it’s Good Friday, you heathens!)I thought I’d celebrate by sharing my favorite thing about Easter, well, other than the candy. It’s the annual television showing of the classic, The Ten Commandments. In it’s day (1956), it was one of the most epic movies to hit the screen. It won the Oscar for best special effects (which is kind of hilarious now) and was nominated in six other categories, including best picture. But Oscar cred doesn’t explain why I love it so much. Continue reading


af_10I was going to write a post about how lame April Fool’s Day is (it’s the Valentine’s Day of jokes) and why I hate it. But Gawker beat me to it. So now I’ll ask, why do you hate April Fool’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day


Alright kiddies, I hate to bail on ya on a Friday, but I’m heading out on a road trip, so I won’t have time to post. Hope y’all have a lovely weekend and a happy Valentine’s Day. No matter what, you’re all my valentines this year for reading. I love ya for it!

Happy Holidays!

shittersThere are so many Christmas movies I love and I’ve been trying to watch them all this month. Yesterday I watched one of my absolute favorites (although I’m not sure that it counts as a full-on Christmas movie), Meet Me in St. Louis. I love Judy Garland so much, and her version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is so heartbreakingly beautiful I end up sobbing every time I hear her sing it. So, my gift to you is this song. I hope you have a merry little holiday and that we’ll all be together next year too. Thanks so much for reading Bubblegum Culture, I really do appreciate it!

Only 9 Shopping Days Left!

05ln894wLooking for the perfect gift for the liberal on your list? Got a friend with a healthy case of white guilt? Or maybe that secret racist who likes to overcompensate to show how un-racist he is? Well, I’ve got just the gift for you: Continue reading