A Real Fright


I love Halloween so much. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. So just for fun, I decided to jump on eBay and look for my most favorite Halloween costume from childhood—Cheer Bear of the Care Bears. Yep, that’s your old pal Dotty Z up there, the tall one on the right. Sadly, when I did a search, this is one of the items that popped up:


Seriously? Slutty Care Bear costumes? I mean, who ever heard of a slutty Care Bear? And I’m sorry, but there’s something very wrong with combining a beloved children’s character with a slutty, objectifying costume. Very wrong.


3 responses to “A Real Fright

  1. Fredericks of Hollywood + Care Bears = I’ll be on the MeeMaw Bench with a bottle of Pepto, feel free to join me

  2. It’s just like the quote from Mean Girls: Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it. I think we are officially Cady Herron.

  3. You need to hurry up with the updates, gal! I’m missing my laughs here.

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