FW: You Are Not Funny

Over at Buttercup Punch, my girl BDJ wrote about a moronic email forward sent to her by a relative. We’ve all received these: promises of money from Bill Gates; warnings of needles full of AIDS waiting to prick us at the gas station; reminders that if we don’t forward this message to 20 people in the next 10 minutes, God will stop loving us and we’ll be cursed with bad luck, a horrible sex life and financial woe for eternity. Then there’s the one I got today from my idiot cousin, who thinks sexism, racism and many other “isms” are just HILARIOUS (click image to see full view):

EPIC FAIL, asshat!


4 responses to “FW: You Are Not Funny

  1. My mom will occasionally send me one about how there are people lurking underneath my sofa, waiting to rape me. She knows better than to do the religous stuff, though. Or stuff like that there.

    Once I had a college roomie who sent me one of those “People who aren’t Christians need to sit down and shut up!” There’s also a really good site called myrightwingdad.net or com or something.

  2. @lalaland13: That website is awesome! And yeah, I get these all the time from this dumbass cousin, and then other stupid ones from my clueless, but well-meaning aunt.

  3. I’m so glad my family tree isn’t the only one littered with folks that forward this crap! One would think that a total absence of response would be a clear hint….not in my family! The only forwards I receive with graciousness have cute animals.

  4. I’ve seen that before (sent to me by a now ex-friend when I was engaged). I’m always sent the ones from family that are more like “a man is waiting to rape you at the gas station”…

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