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Grace Under Fire

OK, I normally cannot stand Nancy Grace. And admittedly, this round-table from The Insider is totally ridiculous. However, Nancy Grace busting Jon Gosselin’s ass on national television is fucking hilarious and awesome.


Hollywood, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves


For the past week, I’ve tried to understand why so many celebrities have lined up to support director Roman Polanski. Sure, he’s a talented artist who created Oscar-winning films. And yes, his wife and unborn child were brutally murdered 40 years ago by members of the Manson family. But here’s the thing: HE RAPED A 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL. I don’t give a fuck if he found the cure for cancer after he finished, this man needs to go to jail. Because not only did he drug and rape a child (and don’t give me that “consensual sex” bullshit, as no 13-year-old child can truly consent to sex with a grown man, especially after he’s plied her with qualudes and champagne), he skipped bail and fled the country. So, he’s an ADMITTED child rapist, and a fugitive, and we should feel sorry for him? He’s the victim? I’m sorry, maybe I’m not as enlightened as his fellow “artistes,” because in my mind, that doesn’t make you a victim. It makes you a predator, and a felon, who should serve his time.

Telling It Like It Is

alg_jon-gosselin_long.0.0.0x0.400x455I’ve expressed my disdain for Jon Gosselin and his class-less behavior here before, but Jezebel’s amazing Hortense hit the nail on the head about this douchebag, so I just thought I’d share.

Star Burst


With Kanye West’s inappropriate display at the MTV Video Music Awards last night, and Serena William’s blow-up at the U.S. Open this past weekend, all hot on the heels of Joe Wilson’s little taunt during the president’s speech, I have to wonder: Is the inappropriate outburst the new sex tape? Instead of getting caught doing the nasty on film, will celebrities, athletes and politicians instead gain the spotlight by acting like belligerent assholes? In a time of shrieking nuts at town halls, blowhards bellowing on cable news and bloggers screaming at us with their caps lock, can’t we all agree that what this country needs is a little decorum and perhaps some manners?

People Who Should STFU


Way to look like a total disrespectful asshole, Rep. Joe Wilson. You succeeded in cheapening the discourse and making your side look like a bunch of lunatics. Hope you’re proud!


I’m sure Kate was super-mean to you. But trashing her publicly and talking about how much you love your new girlfriend is hella assy considering Kate is the mother of your eight children. Remember them? Those little meal tickets that afforded you this mid-life d-bag extravaganza? I’m sure it will do them a world of good to hear their father saying how much he despises their mother on national television.


And of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Speidi. No one wants to hear the moronic ramblings of either of them, and we certainly don’t want to hear Heidi continue trying to “sing.”


Nas: Keepin’ It Klassy


Singer Kelis gave birth to a son, Knight Jones, last night in New York. And where was the father, her soon-to-be ex-husband, rapper Nas? Too drunk to come inside the hospital. Guess we know who won’t be winning father of the year any time soon!

You Stay Klassy, Nas


Rapper Nas says he doesn’t want to pay his pregnant soon-to-be ex-wife Kelis spousal support. Nevermind she’s carrying his child, and the divorce is allegedly due to his cheating ways.