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A Real Fright


I love Halloween so much. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. So just for fun, I decided to jump on eBay and look for my most favorite Halloween costume from childhood—Cheer Bear of the Care Bears. Yep, that’s your old pal Dotty Z up there, the tall one on the right. Sadly, when I did a search, this is one of the items that popped up: Continue reading


Hot/Not Mess


OK, so I have something mean to say, and then something nice: I don’t think Rumer Willis is attractive. She’s kind of funny looking to me, especially considering how attractive her parents are. And her outfit here looks like something stolen from Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan’s wardrobe.

BUT, doesn’t she look super-pretty otherwise? I don’t know if it’s the hair or the makeup or what, but she just looks really lovely and not funny-looking at all.

Please Tell Me Kid’s Playing

WOW, WTF? I mean, this was crazy enough, but now Kid’s shilling cheap suits? Really?

Mama, Don’t Preach


How adorable is Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, dressed as her mom from the “Like a Virgin” days? See more mother-daughter pics from the concert here.

Hot Mess

58058959Rick Springfield looks like an aging Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, after a three-day bender.

Hot Mess


Guys? Can I have a grandma moment? Miley Cyrus is 16. 16! Why is she dressed like a cheap hooker imitating ’80s Madonna? I mean, we are 1/2 an inch of fabric from seeing her Hanna Montana! That ain’t right. You know what else ain’t right? Continue reading



By now, you’ve probably heard writer/director/producer John Hughes died yesterday in New York of a heart attack. He was only 59.

As someone who grew up watching his movies, I’m saddened to lose a man who so succinctly captured what it felt like to be a teenager. I don’t know if kids today can relate, but my guess is they can, because the feelings of not fitting in, loving a boy/girl you can’t have and wanting to break free are universal teenage truths.

If you want to read an incredible tribute, check out this blog.