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A Real Fright


I love Halloween so much. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. So just for fun, I decided to jump on eBay and look for my most favorite Halloween costume from childhood—Cheer Bear of the Care Bears. Yep, that’s your old pal Dotty Z up there, the tall one on the right. Sadly, when I did a search, this is one of the items that popped up: Continue reading


Happy Halloween!

Everyone, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Freaky Friday Flashback

Happy Friday, y’all! Today’s a special Friday, as it’s Halloween! Ooooh, spooky! Anyway, it’s time for a look back at one of the best WTF? moments in pop culture. Since I’m in a Halloween mood, today’s moment takes us back to an urban legend that was rampant in the 1970s and 1980s: Continue reading

Monster Mash

Even though September’s just barely begun, stores are already shilling Halloween stuff in full force. Normally, this is something I gripe about (Christmas decorations in October? Gah!), but Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, so I can’t help but get excited when I see the candy and costumes hit the shelves. I got so excited yesterday, that I decided to stop in Party City to see what costumes they have available this year. Continue reading