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Hot Mess


This is a publicity shot for Lindsay Lohan’s leggings line. Unfortunately, it looks like an outtake from a yet-to-be-produced film about the life of the stripper Vince Neil married back in the ’80s. BAngieB, please come get your girl!


Hot Mess: Emmys


Aside from the wrongfulness that was Jon Cryer winning an Emmy for that horrible piece of shit, Two and a Half Men, over Neil Patrick Harris and Rainn Wilson, there were also some really bad fashions. Like Sarah Silverman’s gown–It’s like Marie Antionette’s dress mated with a David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress.


Then there’s this Obama dress. Look, I love the president just as much as the next guy, but this is taking it too far. Poor Michelle, she works so hard to be fashionable, only to have this idiot ruin her family’s good name with this fuggery.


I don’t even know why Phoebe Price was allowed at the Emmys, much less why she’s wearing this mess of an ensemble.

Hot Mess


You should know better than to ask Lady GaGa to be one of your bridesmaids–she just can’t help but upstage you!

Hot/Not Mess


OK, so I have something mean to say, and then something nice: I don’t think Rumer Willis is attractive. She’s kind of funny looking to me, especially considering how attractive her parents are. And her outfit here looks like something stolen from Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan’s wardrobe.

BUT, doesn’t she look super-pretty otherwise? I don’t know if it’s the hair or the makeup or what, but she just looks really lovely and not funny-looking at all.

Hot Mess


Wait a minute! Is that Chewbaca on her dress?

Hot Mess

fergie-4435I’m guessing this pattern is Fergie’s way of distracting us from noticing she’s wearing a freaking romper.

Hot Mess

SPL113205_004I get that Lady GaGa’s schtick is to wear shocking outfits. But sweet baby Jesus, she strapped some kid’s Muppet pillow around her waist as a skirt!