Hot Mess: Emmys


Aside from the wrongfulness that was Jon Cryer winning an Emmy for that horrible piece of shit, Two and a Half Men, over Neil Patrick Harris and Rainn Wilson, there were also some really bad fashions. Like Sarah Silverman’s gown–It’s like Marie Antionette’s dress mated with a David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress.


Then there’s this Obama dress. Look, I love the president just as much as the next guy, but this is taking it too far. Poor Michelle, she works so hard to be fashionable, only to have this idiot ruin her family’s good name with this fuggery.


I don’t even know why Phoebe Price was allowed at the Emmys, much less why she’s wearing this mess of an ensemble.

One response to “Hot Mess: Emmys

  1. I liked Chandra Wilson’s get-up. She was standing next to Kate Walsh to present, but she won that comparison, IMHO.

    Also liked Kristen Chenoweth’s outfit.And while Tina Fey’s was a little too simple, she worked it.

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