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Hot Mess


This is a publicity shot for Lindsay Lohan’s leggings line. Unfortunately, it looks like an outtake from a yet-to-be-produced film about the life of the stripper Vince Neil married back in the ’80s. BAngieB, please come get your girl!


Freaky Friday Flashback

We made it! The week’s almost over y’all, and before I blow this popsicle stand for cold beer, fattening food and the refreshment of an ocean breeze, I want to bring you this week’s Freaky Friday Flashback.

This week’s WTF? moment in pop culture takes us all the way back to 1989. It was a special year. A year when rock stars looked like these two guys. Makeup and long hair on boys was not only acceptable, it was fucking sexy. Jeans were acid washed, bangs were teased to the sky and yours truly was just discovering her burgeoning womanhood and getting special feelings inside every time she watched Headbanger’s Ball.

This was also the year that one of rock’s greatest feuds erupted: The Axl Rose vs. Vince Neil feud.

First, let’s set the scene: 1989, MTV Music Awards, backstage. Flaxen-haired Motley Crue lead singer Neil walks up to Guns ‘n Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin and decks him for allegedly harassing Neil’s wife a few nights earlier at the Cathouse, the metal club run by Headbanger’s Ball host, Riki Rachtman. Axl Rose, the flame-haired frontman of GNR, is incensed that Neil attacked his buddy/bandmate. What ensued was a ridiculous feud of words, aired on MTV in various interviews. Neither singer ever met up with the other for a fight, and as far as we know the dispute was never settled.

But how awesome would it be to see these two duke it out today, especially since they now look like this: