Congratulations? is reporting that Jennifer Hudson is engaged to boyfriend and former I Love New York 2 contestant, David “Punk” Otunga. The couple, who both hail from Chicago, have been dating less than a year. I guess I’m happy for them, but I just have to ask, do you really want to marry someone who’s fought for the love of this woman?

9 responses to “Congratulations?

  1. Didn’t she make a big huge deal about how she was still dating the normal guy she knew for ages and ages and they grew up together? Of course it didn’t last, I blame ALT’s bronze bolero jacket.

  2. No no no no no Jennifer Hudson. Bad. Do not. No. I saw “I Love New York” contestant and instantly knew this was bad. I wonder if this is a rebound marriage? Where a long-term relationship goes south, and the next relationship ends up at the altar even though it shouldn’t?

  3. @london_calling: That bolero jacket was the beginning of the end for her!

    @lalaland13: Whatever it is, I give it 6 months, tops.

  4. isn’t he the one everyone suspected was gay and when they brought his sister on the show he freaked the fcuk out and left probably because he’s gay? yeah, i don’t really watch that show.

  5. @M: Ha, I was just thinking these two look like a younger incarnation of Star Jones and Al Reynolds.

  6. Maybe its just me..but who wants to kiss anyone who has kissed New York?

    Well I guess I willl try to look on the bright side..if I can find one to Jennifer marrying a grown a** man that goes by the nickname Punk

  7. Jennifer,
    No matter how hard you screw him, you can’t unmake him gay!

  8. I don’t know about this one. They seem to be a mix match. I’m guessing this guy loves the spotlight, fame and money and Jennifer found a trophy boyfriend. He probably doesn’t want to go back to work after tasting his 15 minutes. Girl I hope he brought that ring with his money and not yours. Anyway, who the heck wants New York leftovers, and what happened to the guy she was engaged to before. Another Star and Al Reynolds. Good luck to them.

  9. Whatever the reason is for this marriage it’s none of you alls business. no one need permission to get married to the one they love! And his name is David! HATERS

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