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Grace Under Fire

OK, I normally cannot stand Nancy Grace. And admittedly, this round-table from The Insider is totally ridiculous. However, Nancy Grace busting Jon Gosselin’s ass on national television is fucking hilarious and awesome.


Telling It Like It Is

alg_jon-gosselin_long.0.0.0x0.400x455I’ve expressed my disdain for Jon Gosselin and his class-less behavior here before, but Jezebel’s amazing Hortense hit the nail on the head about this douchebag, so I just thought I’d share.

People Who Should STFU


Way to look like a total disrespectful asshole, Rep. Joe Wilson. You succeeded in cheapening the discourse and making your side look like a bunch of lunatics. Hope you’re proud!


I’m sure Kate was super-mean to you. But trashing her publicly and talking about how much you love your new girlfriend is hella assy considering Kate is the mother of your eight children. Remember them? Those little meal tickets that afforded you this mid-life d-bag extravaganza? I’m sure it will do them a world of good to hear their father saying how much he despises their mother on national television.


And of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Speidi. No one wants to hear the moronic ramblings of either of them, and we certainly don’t want to hear Heidi continue trying to “sing.”


People is Really Excited!

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If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed I get a lot of my entertainment news from People magazine’s website. They’re a good source for true stories, and they’re usually on top of what’s happening. But there’s something that I’ve noticed about their site that makes me scratch my head: Their use of exclamation marks in headlines, particularly those that are, well, a little inappropriate. I know this sounds like a punctuation geek thing, but stay with me. Continue reading

Jon & Kate Plus Fame


OK. I didn’t want to comment on this story, mostly because I don’t give a shit. But everywhere I turn, I see these people and so I must say my piece. I don’t give a fuck who cheated on whom. I don’t care what it means for your show, your fame, or your ego. There are children involved here (eight, to be exact) and instead of worrying about your show, your career or your image, you need to worry about them. You need to stop talking to People and Us and whoever else will put you on their cover/show. You need to talk to a counselor, you need to talk to each other, you need to talk to your family. Because you know what? Selling your soul and fame whoring until it destroys your family isn’t worth the fleeting attention and money it brings you. Just ask those eight kids who got you all this in the first place.