Grace Under Fire

OK, I normally cannot stand Nancy Grace. And admittedly, this round-table from The Insider is totally ridiculous. However, Nancy Grace busting Jon Gosselin’s ass on national television is fucking hilarious and awesome.


4 responses to “Grace Under Fire

  1. Normally I am right behind Nancy Grace opinions. After watching her discussion with Jon Gosslin however, I am quite disgusted. The battle between the spouses is not our business, and we all know how horrible a split can be. Our concern should focus only on the children, not the parents. You can focus on the children Nancy, without dragging the parents personal issues in. You have no business taking sides in their dispute, and if you really do care about the children, then advocate for child protective services to be involved.

    • @Shirley: Ordinarily, I would agree with you. But Jon and Kate have made their split everyone else’s business by constantly talking to tabloids and the media. He agreed to come on that show, most likely in another desperate attempt for publicity, so having her call him out on his erratic behavior wasn’t out of line, in my opinion.

      But I totally agree she should’ve advocated for child protective services to step in. I’d say those children are in a very unhealthy, unstable situation right now. It’s very sad.

  2. Jon will get a break when he places the financial and emotional welfare of his 8 children above the need to chase a 22 year old piece of ass and whore himself out to any media outlet.

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