Hollywood, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves


For the past week, I’ve tried to understand why so many celebrities have lined up to support director Roman Polanski. Sure, he’s a talented artist who created Oscar-winning films. And yes, his wife and unborn child were brutally murdered 40 years ago by members of the Manson family. But here’s the thing: HE RAPED A 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL. I don’t give a fuck if he found the cure for cancer after he finished, this man needs to go to jail. Because not only did he drug and rape a child (and don’t give me that “consensual sex” bullshit, as no 13-year-old child can truly consent to sex with a grown man, especially after he’s plied her with qualudes and champagne), he skipped bail and fled the country. So, he’s an ADMITTED child rapist, and a fugitive, and we should feel sorry for him? He’s the victim? I’m sorry, maybe I’m not as enlightened as his fellow “artistes,” because in my mind, that doesn’t make you a victim. It makes you a predator, and a felon, who should serve his time.


4 responses to “Hollywood, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves

  1. Thing is, no one is sure he raped her. Maybe she wanted to have sex with him, who knows? Point should be, why everybody’s head is pointing towards Polanski, while priests, soldiers, and nice family father’s are left tranquil and alone. You know what I mean.

    • @The Mariner: Actually, he admitted in court to raping her. She was 13, a child. And she was also under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Whether she wanted to or not, a child does not have the capacity to make that decision, period. There’s an age of consent for a reason.

      The other thing is he thumbed his nose at the law, and felt he was better than everyone else, that he didn’t have to serve his time. Time for a crime he ADMITTED to doing. That’s not right.

      I agree there are plenty of other disgusting pedophiles and such out there, and they should be thrown in prison too.

  2. Would they be so forgiving if the 13 year old CHILD was someone near and dear to their heart??? Unlikely.

  3. I refer to a great post on HuffPo (which has also had some pretty gross posts on this). The author says basically “Maybe we should just let the Best Director f*** your child, if you think they’re such artists.”

    Sick piece of slime. Glad I’ve never seen any of his movies.

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