On the Prowl

ccOh, Courteney. After the boatload of awesome that was Dirt, this is what you come up with next? Oy. And could the show have a worse name?


7 responses to “On the Prowl

  1. i know! i wince every time i walk by an ad in the subways. i hate when people draw attention/define themselves by their age (said angiesYOUNGlover…). like just because you are old and date a younger man doesnt mean you are a cougar, doesnt mean you need a tv show named cougar town and doesnt mean….well i dont know but i figured list in the 3s since that’s the rule…ANYWAY.

  2. Concur DottyZ! The term cougar is loaded w/negative conontations and the term needs to disappear.

  3. Title aside, I will probably give this shot, because I’m intrigued by a Bill Lawrence show starring Courtney Cox. I love Scrubs and think Courtney did some great stuff on Friends. And if it helps any, the local football team’s mascot is the Cougar, which is supposedly how the town got the name “Cougar Town.” It does still make me cringe every time I see it, though.

  4. Yep. Dirt was most excellent. This will suck.

    Time to retire, Courteney.

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