VMA Style

taylor-swiftPhotos from People.com

Taylor Swift certainly made the most news at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards by being the victim of Kanye West’s asshattery, but I think she deserves some credit for looking really fab too. Her dress was glam and her makeup and hair fit the look perfectly. Let’s take a look at some other fashion choices from the red carpet:


I thought Alicia Keys looked gorgeous in this simple-yet-fun little dress. And man, her face is just so damn pretty!


Madonna looks quite somber and covered up, but the look was appropriate for her tribute to Michael Jackson. I also love her hair, which is a total throwback to her VMA look in 1995 when she was accosted by crazy-ass Courtney Love (still one of my all-time fave VMA moments).


Katy Perry decided to go as a slutty figure skater.

jennifer-lopezAs did Jennifer Lopez.


I think The City‘s Whitney Port thinks wearing fugly clothes all the time will make her less boring. She’s wrong.

kanye-westMaybe this photo explains a bit why Kanye flipped out–he’s dating a snake!

lady-gagaIf Miss Havisham were a tranny club diva, this is what she’d look like.


3 responses to “VMA Style

  1. Taylor Swift had the old school Hollywood look down pat!

  2. qahhahah! i hate whitney port. like, seriously, put the bong down for two seconds and act like you have at least 5 brain cells left. and yeah, i did not get jlo’s outfit. and that face she is making…like tone it down, it’s just the vmas, have a little fun, man.

    and yeah, gaga is ridic but after she said her award was for God and the gays, i think i like her a little now. is that bad??

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