Star Burst


With Kanye West’s inappropriate display at the MTV Video Music Awards last night, and Serena William’s blow-up at the U.S. Open this past weekend, all hot on the heels of Joe Wilson’s little taunt during the president’s speech, I have to wonder: Is the inappropriate outburst the new sex tape? Instead of getting caught doing the nasty on film, will celebrities, athletes and politicians instead gain the spotlight by acting like belligerent assholes? In a time of shrieking nuts at town halls, blowhards bellowing on cable news and bloggers screaming at us with their caps lock, can’t we all agree that what this country needs is a little decorum and perhaps some manners?

2 responses to “Star Burst

  1. Hell yeah girl! Folks need to brush up on their Emily Post.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Fame, fortune, and power equate to the social maturity of an 8 year old in today’s society.

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