Mama, Don’t Preach


How adorable is Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, dressed as her mom from the “Like a Virgin” days? See more mother-daughter pics from the concert here.

7 responses to “Mama, Don’t Preach

  1. I can’t begin to imagine the mother-daughter dynamic that lies ahead for these two! Poor kid.

  2. i wonder how aware you can be of just how big your mother is when you are her daughter. like, when she dresses up in that like a virgin costume, does she get how big that video was and how much of an icon madonna is? mind boggling.

    • @AYL: I know, it’s kind of weird to think about it. Like, she’s just your mom, you know? She gets on your nerves sometimes and you see her in sweats with no makeup. But for everyone else, she’s this major icon. It’s got to be very strange.

      @AGreenEyeDevil: Well, if Lourdes decides to rebel, she’ll probably end up being some straight-laced prude since her mom was so crazy.

  3. DottyZ, I suspect Madonna will be very jealous of Lourdes’ youth.

    • @AGreenEyeDevil: Oooh, good point! You know she’s going to start seeing Lourdes as a reminder of her youth, since she looks just like her. That might get kind of crazy, considering how obsessed Madonna is with being young.

  4. Didn’t Madonna’s mom (also named Madonna) die when she was pretty young? That might complicate the dynamic too.

    Madonna seems so darn intense. I think she told some magazine once the kids can’t watch TV except for like, PBS or some such (if that). I can’t remember exactly. But man. She’s so intense and driven, that might get crazy.

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