The Roller Rink Diaries: Week 3


With my newfound confidence from last week’s lesson, I laced up again last night for another skating class. But this time, I hit a few bumps in the road, er, rink. coach_whistle

First of all, we had a new coach join the class. Our regular coach, who’s sweet and patient and realizes that my old ass hurts when it hits the floor, was still there. But she almost took a sidekick role next to this other woman. And I didn’t like it.

The new coach was insistent that the adults get out there and do everything the kids were doing. Now, I understand wanting us to at least try. But we did, and I don’t really want to attempt doing tricks while I’m still not a good skater. Maybe that makes me a bad student, but I don’t really feel like breaking a bone just to learn to do some fancy cross-over move.


Anyway, after reviewing the things we’d already learned, we lined up to learn to “slalom.” Basically, it’s the same concept as a ski slalom, except you’re roller skating around tiny cones rather than speeding down a snowy slope. It involves leaning on one foot more than the other, in order to skate in and out of the cones. I watched the others do it, and it looked easy enough. As always, looks can be deceiving. I was shaky, and didn’t feel comfortable leaning too hard on one side, for fear of toppling over. And though I technically skated around the cones, my technique was more wobble and drag than lean and glide.

RollerLimboKingThe next challenge was to do “drops,” in order to limbo. Bending at the knees, you squat down and tuck your butt down and in, grasping the front of your skates or legs. All I gotta say is, I gave it a shot.

Sadly though, this is a maneuver for a person with a smaller behind than mine. Let’s just say I was a little “back heavy,” and therefore, subject to tipping over. When it came time for me to do the limbo, I squatted down and fell flat on my ass beneath the bar. I tried it one more time, and cleared it, mostly by bending forward and cheating. Needless to say, that’s probably my first and last roller skating limbo.


But other than those little snafus, the class went really well. I looped around the rink, actually skating. Though I still wobble and teeter a bit, I’m more confident on the skates, and able to regain my balance. As I rounded the rink, I found my rhythm, picking up speed and feeling like an actual skater. It felt so good. In fact, I think I’m almost ready to skate with the distraction of music. Could the couples skate be next?

**NEXT WEEK: We’re apparently learning “shoot the duck.” This is the move where you do the drop, but skate on one foot, with the other foot out in front of you. Both our coaches informed me and the other two adults we don’t have to try this. I am greatly relieved.


2 responses to “The Roller Rink Diaries: Week 3

  1. you mean they dont play music while you guys practice?

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