7 responses to “RUE!!

  1. Please let me be half as hip as these ladies if I make it to their age!

  2. I hope Bea was joking about Betty White!

  3. Did you get to say anything to her? Or was it just “I love your work!” and then you had to let the next person go? I probably would have clammed up from nerves and awe, honestly. But it sounds like it was a blast.

  4. Amazing, I love her even more! Did you get a Rue-hug?

  5. When I met Julie Andrews, I had big plans to tell her how amazing she etc. Then I got to the front of the line, got starstruck and said, “OMG, pretty! I duh.” And that was that.

    But this is way more awesome than that.

    I love Rue’s lipstick color. Hotness.

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