Hot Mess


Guys? Can I have a grandma moment? Miley Cyrus is 16. 16! Why is she dressed like a cheap hooker imitating ’80s Madonna? I mean, we are 1/2 an inch of fabric from seeing her Hanna Montana! That ain’t right. You know what else ain’t right?


I see the girl in the background agrees.


6 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. The girl’s face in the background cracks me up! That’s funny. She’s likes… eeekkkkk, just stop it!

  2. you know her dad picked out that outfit.

  3. Not to mention, didn’t she later pole dance in something very similar to that ensemble?

  4. GAH! Yes, that pic didn’t load when i typed my first comment.

  5. More proof that money doesn’t guarantee class and good taste.

  6. Funny isn’t it… She and her daddy were scandalized by the photos Annie Leibovitz took of her saying they were inappropriate, and yet…looky here… she turned out JUST the way a prima donna with an aging has-been of a daddy should!

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