The American Historic Society Strikes Again!

From the folks who brought you such fine collectibles as the Obama Plate, it’s the Michael Jackson tribute lithograph (aka poster)! This beautiful collectible is a fitting tribute to the King of Pop ™!

Seriously though, I almost peed my pants when I saw this ad today. They actually have the audacity to say MJ’s “wearing a white suit as pure as his heart.” I couldn’t make this shit up!

My favorite moments, though, are the girl at the beginning, holding a rose and kissing the poster, and the white woman arranging flowers on her piano, surrounded by Michael Jackson posters. Can you imagine walking into some random suburban house and seeing that? Hilarious!


3 responses to “The American Historic Society Strikes Again!

  1. dude, i love you so much for posting this, i saw it last night at about 2AM just before i went to bed, and i almost pissed my pants laughing, good god what has america become that someone thought this would be a good idea lol

  2. Cool King of pop rock always

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