Tragic Intervention


It’s been a while since A&E’s Intervention broke my heart, but last night’s episode (watch the full episode here) was pretty brutal. Bret was a raging alcoholic, who’d lost his wife, job and pretty much everything he’d ever loved. And his intervention was one of the most dramatic ever, with him storming off and refusing to go to treatment. He was finally coaxed into going (after his family threatened to have him hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation), that’s just the beginning of the drama.


At the end, the show tells us he was diagnosed with esophagial cancer while in rehab—and he fucking died! It was so shocking and yet poignant as his wife and kids came on camera to say how happy they were that even though he died, he died sober, and had made a major effort to be there for them again. Heartbreaking!


9 responses to “Tragic Intervention

  1. I’ve never watched this show, and based on this and the recap on Jezebel, I probably shouldn’t anytime soon. I’m afraid getting those kids involved in the intervention, regardless of how much they wanted to, was a bad idea. Too much drama and the possibility that it’s their “fault” if it doesn’t work. Which it didn’t, right? I mean, they had to threaten him.

    • @lalaland13: Well, it did in that he got sober. But yeah, I can see that viewpoint. But on the other hand, living with an alcoholic father has to be hellacious and damaging too. It’s a bad situation all around.

      I love the show, but it’s really hard to watch sometimes.

      • No I got ya, Dotty Z. At least this anger and yelling has a purpose, unlike say Bridezillas, which makes me want to ban straight people from getting married. Really, if a man is an asshole, the woman should leave, but if a woman is an asshole, we should…hold her up and put her on TV when she gets married?

      • lala,

        Are you lala???? What are you saying? Your message doesn’t make any sense at all. I think that you need to go back to school in order to make your message clear. What do you mean “ya got Dotty Z.? She didn’t even speak about the wife. My thought is that the wife had a great impact on his drinking. Yes, he was an alcholic, but she initiated the stress in the house. She wanted to stay at home to be with her kids. Is she living in the 50’s? She cared 0nly about herself and wanted to live like the Jone’s. Her son was twelve years old for goodness sake. She could have supported her husband and worked. Look at the way she was dressed at the “barn” with her daughter and the horse. Was she going to go to a party afterwards or is she allergic to jeans and a sweatshirt? She wanted to live a certain lifestyle and she put so much pressure on Brett. She should be ashamed of herself. She put him in the grave.

  2. I have a very destructive relationship with this show.

  3. AGreenEyeDevil

    I was REALLY disturbed to read that the interventionist, dragging the family along, attempted to “beat him to the gun.” I really have to question the protocols governing this show given that very poor decision process.

  4. the word “sober” scares me. it’s so impermanent. my stepfather was sober for 17 years, and then all of sudden, my junior year of high school he starts drinking again and turned our house upside down. even if he would get sober again (which, i seriously doubt), i would always be wondering when he’d fall off the wagon again.

  5. ItalianRicanChica

    This is only the second Intervention that actually made me cry. I don’t agree with the way Brets intervention was carried out especially involving his children. It breaks my heart that Bret was diagnosed and passed so quickly. I’m more upset though at all the time Bret and his kids lost due to his drinking. So so sad!!

  6. I just finished watching this and I cried so hard. My friend and father of my son had nearly the same situation occur. he got sober April 7 2009 and while still in treatment found out he had Mesotheleoma (cancer) and he died 6/9/2010. Something told me to watch this… Guess there really is life on the other side

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