I’m not going to lie, Billy Mays got on my nerves. Every time I saw him on television, shilling some new, “amazing” product, I thought, “Why does he always have to yell?”

But the yelling made him stand out, and it got him endless commercials and even his own reality show. And while it got on my nerves before, I’ve noticed my television’s been a lot quieter in the days since his death, and believe it or not, that makes me kind of sad. R.I.P., Mr. OxyClean.



5 responses to “R.I.P.

  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    Was there an antopsy ruling regarding any latent head trauma from his rough plane landing the previous day? Supposedly he was struck in the head by items falling from the overhead bins, but didn’t consider himself injured or at risk per US Air.

    • @AGreenEyeDevil: Yep, they ruled it heart disease. Apparently he had an enlarged heart or something, so the head injury had nothing to do with it. I was afraid he’d suffered a Natasha Richardson-like fate, but it looks like that’s not the case.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil

    Thanks for the follow-up DottyZ!

  3. angie always makes me mute the TV when he comes on…

  4. I also ABSOLUTELY hated the oxiclean commercial, at first I bought the pitch, then the product, I thought Billy Mays was the founder of this product, then after it did not do the magic it was suppose to I carried on a nasty argument with Billy Mays on a daily basis! When he would yell at me from across the room I would yell back(yes I AM nuts, it just hasn’t been documented yet ,thank you) We carried on for months, I am suprised we never had the police called(now that would have been quite an explanation,and my certification!) But as time went by he would pitch another wonder of the world at me and again I would let him know that I did not trust anything he invented, the get rich quick scam was going to get him I was sure. Then when I seen him pitch about his 10th wonder, I began to wonder myself, maybe he has too many things going to perfect any of them? As I seen the 20th item I looked into Billy’s eyes, him still trying to convince me he was only my friend trying to make life easier(what a sweetheart) I said, I’m sorry, but you should have told me you was just the salesman, I would have never said such hurtful things to you! He was smiling back at me as if he knew I loved him, and he loved me, we made amends and I admit he was only trying to help me when he wanted me to buy the garden claws! I will miss Billy now, so much time wasted in senseless arguments, we could have had so much more! Leason is, check yourself before you argue with a friend, and if your friend requires, electricty & a remote, you may want to keep it down if THA MAN hasn’t caught up with you yet! Still uncertified 35 years strong! RIP BILLY MAYS

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