Brady-Bündchen Baby on Board


Yep, Gisele’s preggers. I’d normally say congrats, but I don’t particularly care for these two, especially that douchebag, Tom Brady. After that whole Bridget Moynahan thing, and all his NFL cheating, he can pretty much suck it.


5 responses to “Brady-Bündchen Baby on Board

  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    Hey Gisele, karma is hard core bitch.

    Poor baby, getting stuck w/such tacky douche bag parents.

  2. I also hate Tom Brady–fun fact that helps ratchet up my hatred (though I disliked him before this)–he stole my honeymoon suite when I was getting married. Like came into the hotel and demanded he get the room regardless of whether or not it was taken. As a consolation we heckled him as he was filing into the team bus.

    • @TheDomina: Ugh, what a jerk! I hate him so much. He’s just such a smarmy ass. I firmly believe his injury and the Patriots’ crappy season last year were karmic retribution for his assy behavior (and the team’s cheating ways). Sounds like he’s still got a dose or two of retribution awaiting him.

  3. You bunch of losers. Everyone hates a winner, and Tom is a great one. Too bad you can’t be happy for someone else. And maybe you should check your facts before accusing him of leaving his pregnant girlfriend. They broke up BEFORE Bridget knew she was pregnant. Reading anything other than these incipient gossip pages?

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