People is Really Excited!

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If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed I get a lot of my entertainment news from People magazine’s website. They’re a good source for true stories, and they’re usually on top of what’s happening. But there’s something that I’ve noticed about their site that makes me scratch my head: Their use of exclamation marks in headlines, particularly those that are, well, a little inappropriate. I know this sounds like a punctuation geek thing, but stay with me.

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Take for instance, this recent story about Mel Gibson’s girlfriend being pregnant. People is obviously quite excited (!) about this revelation. But to me, it seems a bit inappropriate to be so enthusiastic, considering the story lead tells us that Mel cheated on his wife with this woman, and she just filed for divorce weeks ago. I understand being excited about a pregnancy, but doesn’t this just seem a little, I don’t know, inappropriate considering the circumstances?

Same with the Jon and Kate anniversary excitement. The magazine has had both parties on its cover recently, bemoaning the wretched state of their marriage. And now there’s a big, happy, exclamation that they’ve been together 10 years? It just seems weird to me.


4 responses to “People is Really Excited!

  1. I had a subscription to People for years, but their invasive and, in my opinion, dangerous and inppropriate coverage of your girl Britney’s breakdown/troubles/issues caused me to not renew.

    • @BAngieB: You bring up another good point about People. They try to market themselves as a classier, non-tabloid celebrity magazine. But it seems like they’ve just gotten skeevier and skeevier over the past few years. My guess is they’re bending under the pressure of competition from so many of the other tabloids. But still, it’s gross.

  2. Inappropriate exclamation marks bug me as well. My newspaper adviser in college said we could never use headlines with exclamations marks unless we were announcing the Second Coming.

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