Racial Stereotypes Never Looked So Sexy!

I keep seeing this commercial on late-night TV and I am both amused and appalled, for several reasons. First, do people still actually call phone sex lines? Hasn’t internet porn pretty much killed that industry? And who really believes that hot women are waiting to talk to them on the phone? Ridiculous!

But the most glaring thing about this ad in particular, is the abundance of outdated slang. Seriously, this girl says, and I quote:

“Holla, do ya thang, let it do what it do, on the real, it’s off the hook.”

She says those exact words, in that exact order. It’s like they just wrote down a list of old slang and made her read it. Obviously, the middle-aged white people who produced this fine commercial think this is how black people talk—in endless streams of inane slang. Nice.

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