It’s Back On


That’s if Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter is to be believed.


9 responses to “It’s Back On

  1. i’m not for this
    lame drama lame

    • @AYL: I feel torn. On the one hand, I think Lindsay needs to work out her problems on her on. And the two of them together seems like a lot of drama. But on the other hand, I thought they were really cute together, and when things were going well, LiLo seemed happier than she’s been in a long time. So, I dunno.

      Ha, I love how I talk about them like they’re people I know in real life!

  2. AYL is not for this because she is a mean, mean girl who does not support the PPG.

  3. i DONT support the PPG because shes a PFW, pretty fame whore. she’s all “blah, papparazzi in my biz, tired of rumors startin'” and then, on her public twitter, drops hints about things that the media is going to speculate about and investigate, like for example – the leaving london with my favorite travel buddy … and then making a big fuss at the airport not to be photographed together with sam by anyone…hmm, well if you really wanted to keep your private life private, you’d try a little harder.

    and when you go on ellen, for crying out loud, spend more than 1 minute talking about your career and less time (like the whole interview) talking about your private drama with your girlfriend and her family.
    the end!

    • @AYL: Oh, I totally agree on the fame-whoring. She is sadly addicted to the attention, which is something I blame her sorry-ass parents for. She and Britney Spears remind me so much of each other, in that sense, except Brit seems to have at least one decent parent, whereas PPG has none. It’s sad.

  4. and yes, DZ, i act like i know them and their whole life too. weird, but when they put it all out there, it’s hard not too.

  5. So Lohan is dating a man now?? LOL

  6. Dear Ace:

    Shut up.


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