You Stay Klassy, Nas


Rapper Nas says he doesn’t want to pay his pregnant soon-to-be ex-wife Kelis spousal support. Nevermind she’s carrying his child, and the divorce is allegedly due to his cheating ways.


4 responses to “You Stay Klassy, Nas

  1. Key word: allegedly. Maybe it isn’t his fault. He needs to pay for the child and make sure he/she is doing well. I don’t care about the ex-wife. Plenty of single moms work and handle things well.

    • @Mr. Random Thoughts: Well, he definitely needs to step it up for that kid. That’s basically what I’m getting at here. I think it’s kind of crappy to be so callous to the woman who is carrying your unborn child. I’m not saying he has to finance her life (she’s got money of her own), but he also doesn’t need to be as ugly as he’s been through this whole thing.

      Ha, I’m feeling very “He Said/She Said” right now!

  2. I guess it will be up to the judge to determine what is spousal support and what is child support. I mean, she’s heavily pregnant with his child, so that might be hard to delineate right about now.

    I do wonder how big of a jerk he is if she filed while seven months pregnant. Gack.

    I have really mixed feelings about spousal support/alimony in general, by the way. That’s another topic, though.

  3. AGreenEyeDevil

    I rarely believe in/support alimony, however financial support in the situation of an advanced pregnancy and a standard postpartum period is not an unreasonable accomodation to expect.

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