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First, let me say this: I do not hate Lauren Conrad. I think she’s one of the few people on The Hills who seems like a halfway tolerable human being, and possibly even in possession of a working brain. BUT. Do I think she deserved a book deal? HELL to the NAW. And yet, she got one, and her debut novel, L.A. Candy hits stores June 16. Am I a bitter professional writer who has no book deal? Yes. But that doesn’t make this argument any less valid.


The book is about a 19-year-old who moves to Los Angeles and has her life filmed for reality television cameras. Wow, what a novel concept! Wherever did she come up with that?

Anyway, here’s an excerpt:

Paolo smiled at her. He had the cutest smile. “Hey, this may be a little forward, but … could I call you sometime? Maybe we could go out for coffee or something? I just moved here from San Francisco, and I don’t know too many people in town.” Jane was taken aback by his boldness. They had met all of 60 seconds ago. Still, he did kinda look like a young Brad Pitt. Besides, when was the last time she’d been on a date? “Sure,” she said.
Jane blinked. Oh, yeah. The cameras were still rolling. Paolo was being filmed. But he didn’t seem fazed by it.

Um, yeah. Not that I was expecting a whole lot, but seriously? It just makes me so angry to think of how many talented writers are languishing out there right now, trying desperately to get a book deal. And this girl, who’s done little more than allow people to film her for several years gets her novel published. Life, she ain’t fair.


4 responses to “Chick Lit Twit

  1. well she obviously didnt write it, which brings me to my newest life conundrum. why is ghost writing totally ok but milli vanilli got into trouble for lip syncing? isnt it the same thing? AND LIP SYNCING IS A LOT MORE WORK!

  2. did paolo and jane make a sex tape filmed by Lencer, the LA ken doll who lives down the street?

  3. AGreenEyeDevil

    The major publishing houses have gone to hell! What would it take for you to self publish/publish independently??

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