Jon & Kate Plus Fame


OK. I didn’t want to comment on this story, mostly because I don’t give a shit. But everywhere I turn, I see these people and so I must say my piece. I don’t give a fuck who cheated on whom. I don’t care what it means for your show, your fame, or your ego. There are children involved here (eight, to be exact) and instead of worrying about your show, your career or your image, you need to worry about them. You need to stop talking to People and Us and whoever else will put you on their cover/show. You need to talk to a counselor, you need to talk to each other, you need to talk to your family. Because you know what? Selling your soul and fame whoring until it destroys your family isn’t worth the fleeting attention and money it brings you. Just ask those eight kids who got you all this in the first place.


5 responses to “Jon & Kate Plus Fame

  1. Yes!

    I will add: If you are not signed, sealed, delivered DIVORCED, perhaps PEOPLE MAGAZINE is not the place to discuss your marital issues.

  2. It’s all the talk up here, since Jon & Kate used to live about 20 minutes away. Everyone knows someone who knows them, so it’s constant chatter. I keep seeing all these articles everywhere and it drives me nuts to see how they’re more wrapped up in this than in their kids. Maybe they should work on their problems instead of getting all pretty-ed up for People.

    • @Lauren: Seriously! I mean, they need to be parents, first and foremost. Quit trying to be famous and take care of your family!
      I feel very sorry for those children. They’re probably going to end up pretty messed up.

  3. aw, cute, they think they are the next brangelina.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil

    The entire Jon & Kate + 8 concept, and the insanity it has inspired, is a travesty against the welfare of the children.

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