Freaky Friday Flashback


Happy Friday, y’all! I know I’ve been a total slack-ass and haven’t posted a FFF in a while, but I’m back and freakier than ever! Today’s look back at pop culture’s WTF moments takes us to 1990, which was a very sexy year, indeed.


Le sigh. Don’t you miss old Madonna? She’d totally kick current Madonna’s ass.

That’s cause 1990 was the year Madonna released her greatest hits album, The Immaculate Collection, which contained the new single, Justify My Love. And y’all, that was a hot-ass song. I’m listening to it right now as I type this post. Sexy, sexy.

Anyway, Madonna, who was still a badass at the time, created an equally sexy video to accompany the song. So sexy that MTV banned it. They banned that shit! Can you even imagine? Watch it HERE.


It’s no wonder the song was so sexy. Madonna co-wrote it with Lenny Kravitz (yum) and Prince protege√©, Ingrid Chavez.

The video became the first to ever be banned from MTV. It was then released as a VHS video single, becoming a bestseller. In December of that year, Nightline aired the video in its entirety, accompanied by an interview with Madonna. When asked whether she stood to make more money selling the video than airing it on MTV, she smiled and answered, “Yeah, so lucky me.”

Of course, this didn’t hurt Madonna’s career in the least, and she’s gone on to sell thousands more albums, star in movies, and most recently, become an insufferable drag. Who woulda thunk it?


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