Having a Ball

Still looking for that perfect gift for the Democrat who has it all? Want to surprise that liberal sports fan on your list?

Get them the Obama Ball!

That’s right, you can own a piece of history (?) with this fine sporting equipment, highlighted by the face of our president. And even Republicans can enjoy this collectible, as they slam the president’s face over and over again! Hurry! Quantities are limited!


4 responses to “Having a Ball

  1. i’m just going to be optimistic and say that this is being made with the intention to help the economy. other than that, i’m sick of seeing this man’s face places it has no business being. he’s mortal, get over it. and i’m not saying that to you, dz, just to the people who think this shit up. and yeah, i get it, he’s the first black president, but God almighty, pace yourselves with the magazine covers and the memorabilia, he still has 3+ years.

  2. but, ah, think of all the crude jokes to be made!!
    get your hands off my obama balls!

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