Elizabeth Edwards Finally Has Her Say

elizabeth-edwardsTime has an excerpt of Elizabeth Edwards’ forthcoming book, Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life’s Adversities on its website today. In the piece, she talks about finding out about and dealing with her husband, former presidential candidate (and former NC Senator) John Edwards’, admission that he’d strayed from their marriage with videographer, Rielle Hunter.

You know how I feel about that whole situation, but here’s what Elizabeth had to say:


Just as I don’t want cancer to take over my life, I don’t want this indiscretion, however long in duration, to take over my life either. But I need to deal with both; I need to find peace with both. It is hard for John, I can see, because it is something about which he is ashamed. But his willingness to open up is a statement that he trusts me, too. For quite a long time, I used whatever he admitted in the next argument and he was hesitant to say anything. That is, gratefully, behind us. There is still a great deal of sorting through to do — the lies went on for some time. And we both understand that there are no guarantees, but the road ahead looks clear enough, although from here it looks long.

What a class act. You can catch her on Oprah today, and the book hits stores Friday.


8 responses to “Elizabeth Edwards Finally Has Her Say

  1. I kind of think she is just holding it together for the kids because she is going to die soon and doesn’t want to throw them into upheaval before that happens with a divorce or separation. Which is rather selfless.

  2. @TheDomina: I think you’re probably right. Unless some crazy, hidden secret comes out, I’d say she’s pretty much a complete saint. I just want to give her a big hug after all she’s been through.

  3. AGreenEyeDevil

    Concur, this woman is a saint! As confusing as things can be for small children, I also have to wonder how grim this entire public debacle must have been for their adult daughter.

  4. Nobody wants to imagine their parents having sex. So could you imagine finding out that one of your parents had sex with someone else? Horrifying.

  5. I hope he has some fundamental decency and feels guilt everyday for what he did. And if Rielle Hunter’s child is also his, then Elizabeth deserves to know. Maybe not the world at large, but his wife has that right.

    I also hope this was a one-time thing. I’m afraid it may not have been.

  6. Oy, when will men learn?

  7. i would kill him if i were her. she’s got nothing to lose. and i know that sounds like a tacky thing to say, but what he did to her, that is some dark shit to be dealing. i want to cry it makes me so upset. i have a lot of feelings.

    • @AYL: I hear you. I’d say the same thing if it weren’t for those kids. He deserves to have his ass kicked on a daily basis for that shit. How could a person do that? To cheat on your partner of so many years, when she’s facing death? It’s just unthinkable.

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