People’s Most Beautiful People


People magazine released their “Most Beautiful People” list, with Christina Applegate declared “Most Beautiful.” Normally, I think “most beautiful” lists are a bunch of sexist hogwash and just a step away from a beauty pageant. But I love that they chose Applegate this year both because she’s not some 19-year-old starlet, and also because she bravely went through a double mastectomy last year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. And look at her—she looks luminous! Here’s a look at some of my other favorites from the list:


I saw this picture of Ciara and thought, “Whoa, Ciara’s so pretty!” I always knew she was cute, but here, with very little makeup and just a white tank, she looks radiant.


Holy hotness, look at Kristen Wiig! She looks so smoking in this suit, I barely noticed the dog taking a whiz on her leg.

michelle_obamaWhile I’m not totally crazy about this picture (I think it’s the hair), I am totally crazy about First Lady Michelle Obama. Seriously, how elegant and gorgeous is she? I know it’s superficial, but I love having such an attractive family in the White House. Move over Carla Bruni Sarkozy, the Obamas are ready to give you some competition!

7 responses to “People’s Most Beautiful People

  1. She looks way different than in the Love and Sex and Magic video (or maybe it’s just “Love Sex Magic,”). That video is sort of hot, by the way.

  2. i’ve loved christina applegate since don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead. she was my idol!

    and whatever happened to ciara?

  3. Skinny Bone Jones

    I approve. Times are changing. Down with the swine flu, up with naturally beautiful women!

  4. AGreenEyeDevil

    Well done People Magazine!

  5. I never did get Christina, and I guess after all these years – from Married with Children to Samantha Who – it’s not going to happen, but man has Michelle Obama grown on me. Gorgeous!

  6. I love Michelle as a person, but she is manly. I’m sorry.

  7. lol at the comments posted!

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