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19751117-750-0 posted this one today, so I thought I’d share.


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  1. What a cool story…I actually just watched the “Maude’s Facelift” episode yesterday and would swear that she and Rue both actually had facelifts (which I thought both admitted ages ago as well).

  2. Two things struck me about the article: 1) Bea says in regards to women’s’ rights “I’ve never been aware there was a problem.” That stings a bit, because really?

    Also, it talks about their marriage, yet they divorced, right? Must have been the People curse.

    • @lalaland13: I think too, she really wasn’t interested in getting involved in the political aspect of it all. She just saw Maude as an amazing role and a challenge as an actor. I can kind of understand wanting to keep it on that level.

  3. @lalaland13: But you also have to remember that she was born in 1922. It was a whole different world for women then. She wasn’t raised by our liberal mothers in a post 1960s world. She may not have identified as a feminist, but she influenced a lot of feminists. And that’s something.

    Also, that interview was done thirty-some years ago. Times change. People change. So you never know.

  4. @Dotty, Beth: Good points all. I still love her, regardless.

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