The Return of Slim Shady

Something weird happened this week: MTV actually world premiered a video. I know, it doesn’t seem possible, but I guess the return of Eminem after a several years-long hiatus warranted “Music Television” to actually forgo its lineup of reality shows to actually play a little music.

As for the video, I’m not really a huge Eminem fan, but this isn’t bad. I like that while taking swipes at various celebrities, he manages a few subtle digs at himself (dressing as Rainman to Dre’s Tom Cruise is pretty clever). Sure, the planet of lesbian stereotypes bit is a little much, but how priceless is Sarah Palin pulling off Bret Michael’s wig?


6 responses to “The Return of Slim Shady

  1. mm, not half bad at all. thank god he put the bleach blonde hair to rest. i don think i’m ready to ever see all the lame boys sport that hairdo again.

    • @AYL: I know, I am SO tired of seeing that. It’s not a good look guys, especially because you know you don’t want to spend the time and money on upkeep, so you end up with black roots and it’s just a big fugly mess.

  2. yeh and dont get me started on the eyebrows that dont match.

  3. Eminem perplexes me, which his probably his intention. I get the feeling he’s putting on an act to try an offend, yet he really seems to commit to it sometimes. While he mocks and insults everything, that includes himself. So I don’t know.

    • @lalaland13: Well, I think he’s probably a bit of an ass overall, but I think most of his stuff is just his schtick. And sometimes I think it’s really brilliant and funny, and other times I wish he’d just shut the fuck up. He’s not my favorite rapper by a long shot, but I do enjoy some of his stuff.

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