Northern Exposure

levi_johnstonBristol Palin’s ex-fiancee and baby-daddy Levi Johnston went on Tyra last week to dish about his relationship with the daughter of former Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. The show airs today (check your local listings). Among the more interesting revelations, Johnston showed Tyra the “Bristol” tattoo (above) he got on his ring finger. There’s nothing more romantic than taking relationship cues from Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee.

bristol-palin-baby-sonJohnston also revealed that he and Bristol had sex while he was living with her family. Hey, they’re like the Darlene and David of the new generation! Does that mean Sarah Palin’s Roseanne?


His family also fessed up that they’d been under a gag order during the whole campaign and weren’t allowed to talk to anyone. Of course, all of this has Sarah Palin hopping mad.


5 responses to “Northern Exposure

  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    I guess if you can’t be the season finale of “My Big Redneck Wedding”, then Tyra’s Show is the next logical step. Should we hope the half-sister Palin, that takes her small child along for robberies, will make the cut for Judge Judy!?

  2. Excellant point-Granny Sarah and Roseanne-cut from the same cloth.

  3. wow, levi, real fucking classy going on tyra. i guess oprah wouldn’t take him?

    love the darlene/david reference. KILLER!! 🙂

  4. Okay, he was LIVING with her family, and they were in a relationship. And they weren’t expected to be having sex? That’s silly.

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