Freaky Friday Flashback


Happy Friday, y’all! Let’s celebrate the end of another long week with a look back at one of the biggest WTF? moments in pop culture history. With all the shenanigans Joaquin Phoenix has pulled lately with his dirty hobo rapper act, it’s got me thinking about another time a celebrity took on a new identity with less than thrilling results:

garthRecognize this guy? He’s Chris Gaines, a moody alternative rocker from 1999 (he’d be called emo today with that hair and eye liner). Chris also goes by another name:

garth_brooksThat’s right, it’s country singer Garth Brooks! Remember when ol’ Garth thought it would be cool to do a movie about a dude named Chris Gaines? So cool that he took on Gaines’ black-haired, soul-patched persona and recorded an album, which was to be a soundtrack prequel to build buzz for the movie? And even go on SNL as the musical guest, in full-on Chris Gaines persona? Yeah, it was just as stupid of an idea as it sounds. So stupid that the movie production went into indefinite hiatus in 2001, and Chris hasn’t been heard from since. So, be forewarned Joaquin, this whole dirty hobo rapper thing probably won’t end up leading anywhere.


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