Keeping Up With The Photoshopping

kim-kardashian-on-the-cover-complex-magazineThe only thing worse than having a magazine Photoshop the hell out of you is to have them do it and then post before and after pictures on their website. This is the fate that befell Complex magazine cover girl, Kim Kardashian:


Honestly, they didn’t do much to her, but how weird and kind of insulting is it to have a magazine do that? I guess they finally decided it wasn’t cool, as they pulled the pics from their site.


4 responses to “Keeping Up With The Photoshopping

  1. She certainly doesn’t need much enhancement if you ask me! 🙂

  2. … and yet they didn’t feel it necessary to photoshop that dumb look off her face. Close your mouth, Kim, or risk looking like a guppy.

  3. Why in the hell didn’t they photoshop in a little lip color, gah I detest nude lipstick!

  4. why would they do that? that’s fucking rude and tacky.

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