Winning the Space Race


My boyfriend Stephen Colbert’s write-in campaign to name the new NASA space module “Colbert” was a success! “Colbert” received 230,539 of the more than 1.1 million submissions in the contest, according to NASA spokesman John Yembrick. NASA’s suggestion for the wing, “Serenity,” came in second, with slightly more than 190,000 votes.

And though Stephen was the clear winner, NASA says they reserve the right to name the wing of the space station, and it will not make a final decision on the matter until next month.

Whatever, NASA, be good Americans and let the people have what they want–COLBERT!


4 responses to “Winning the Space Race

  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    Ok DottyZ, ‘fess up girl – how many times did you vote!? I hope NASA shows a little humor and goes w/popular opinion. They could certainly use the image boost.

  2. don’t be a sore loser, NASA.

  3. Don’t make Colbert come into space and get you, NASA. He’s even angrier in zero-gravity.

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