What’s the Opposite of Fierce?


Just when you thought Tyra Banks couldn’t get any more ridiculous, she takes it to a whole new level with her line of America’s Next Top Model clothing sold at that bastion of high fashion, Wal-Mart. Let’s take a peek:

0009933815815_215x215Nothing says high fashion like a bedazzled wife beater.

0009933815847_215x215The perfect gift for your favorite delusional ex-contestant.

0009933818367_215x215Ah, the old U of ANTM. I’ll never forget that day in class when Professor Jay taught me how to walk like I’m selling it, cause the rent’s due tonight. Worth every penny of those student loans!

0009933815413_215x215Hmm, I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before…

0009933820631_215x215Rowr? Fuck, what does this even mean?

I haven’t been watching the new season, but I can only imagine the product whoring Tyra’s making the new girls do. At least now all those “top models” who never found an actual modeling job will have a place to go!


2 responses to “What’s the Opposite of Fierce?

  1. auntiefashion

    You’re very tough on those clothes. Someone as fabulous as me, for example, could take those garments, model through it and make them fashion. I could wear the tank like this, or I could wear the tank like this. See the difference? I guess the moral of this story is this: Never get caught resting on pretty.

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