Somewhere, Speidi Seethes

audrina-patridgeNot long ago, a group of television producers were sitting around, pondering the state of the medium. And what they realized was there aren’t enough shows starring vapid, talentless, fame whores. To rectify this grave situation, they decided to give The Hills‘ Audrina Patridge her own show. Produced by Mark Burnett Productions (Survivor), the show aims to follow Audrina in her personal and professional life. Riveting. So far though, the show’s gotten no takers, as it’s still being shopped to the networks. I’m sure E! or VH1 have a spot in their lineups (can you imagine Kendra and Audrina back-to-back?!) for another dim-witted Hollywood wannabe.

Although, how hilarious is it that Heidi and Spencer, the two trying the hardest to get their own spin-off, have yet to get a show? Maybe there is some justice in the world.


One response to “Somewhere, Speidi Seethes

  1. does that mean she won’t be on the last season of the hills? please please.

    ..not that i watch the hills or anything…

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