Just Married

mandy-moore-ryan-adams1Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams tied the knot yesterday in Savannah, GA, according to Perez Hilton. The two announced their engagement last month after dating on and off for a year. Congrats!


3 responses to “Just Married

  1. I was all cynical about this marriage today on Jez but well, all marriages are risks. No one has a 100 percent chance of a marriage lasting. So if they’re happy now, good for them. I’ve got to stop hating on marriage in general.

    (I still wonder if she’s too good for him though).

  2. angiesyounglover

    dont like mandy moore.
    dont really like ryan adams – i hear he’s a real prick. but his music is dope, so i forgive him?

    i will say i like his hebrew coca cola t shirt, and that’s all i’ll say.

  3. @AYL: I like her, and I can’t really explain why. And yeah, I have it on good authority from people who actually know him that he’s a total prick. So, there ya go.

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