Britney Spears Circus Tour Review

britney-spears-circus-tour-promo-picture-thumbSo, I went to the Britney Spears Circus Tour show in Atlanta this past Thursday night, and guys, it was awesome. No lie. britney_spears3_300

I was skeptical, especially after the reviews I’d read were a little lackluster. But it was really fun. The costumes (designed by D-Squared) were amazing and though she certainly doesn’t have the body she had in 2000, she looked great. 


The set list was heavy on songs from Blackout, with a few classics and newer tunes mixed in. Between songs, acrobats, magicians and dancers performed. Brit lip synched most of it, but when she sang, it didn’t sound bad. 

Probably one of the best parts though was the crowd. The sold out arena was full of women about Britney’s age, many dressed in homemade T-shirts (like my sis) and in costumes emulating Brit’s looks through the years. It was a sight to see. 

Overall, I was thoroughly entertained and had a great time. Britney put on a fun, lively show and I was actually a little sad when it ended. I’m glad she’s back!


19 responses to “Britney Spears Circus Tour Review

  1. I totally think Britney is coming back too! Her CD Circus has been a big success after her down fall in 2002. But I have always been for her even when she has been a nut. I am glad you enjoyed her concert!!

  2. I totally think Britney is coming back too! Her CD Circus has been a big success after her down fall in 2002. But I have always been for her even when she has been a nut. I am glad you enjoyed her concert!!

  3. Yay for fun concerts! Makes me want to go to one. Were tickets an arm and a leg? Evil Ticketmaster.

    Could you tell if she seemed mentally healthy? Did she seem into it or have kind of a glazed look about her? I worry about that girl sometimes, that she’s being pushed too much.

  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  5. @lalaland13: My tickets weren’t too terribly expensive, about $50. We were in the upper level, but at the very bottom of it, so our seats were actually pretty awesome. She performs with the whole venue, so she moves around the stages (there are three) a lot so everyone gets a chance to see her performing.

    As for her mental state, she seemed OK. She was laughing and smiling and seemed genuinely excited to have thousands of people watching her and cheering for her. She also seemed to be having fun with her dancers (who were awesome).

  6. Ah HA! I was going to ask how the show went. Thanks for the update.

  7. AGreenEyeDevil

    I hope this is an indicator that her mental health case management is on track and will allow her life/career to move forward. Like Lala, it concerns me that financial profit could trump the importance of protecting her mental/emotional stability. Thanks for the update!

  8. amazonredheadedubervixen

    Dotty, you’re far more forgiving about the lip synching than I would be, though I suppose it was probably still preferable to her actual voice.

  9. truculentandunreliable

    This sounds like fun! I’m glad to hear that she seemed to be okay. Believe it or not, I have always felt really bad for her because not only does she have mental health problems, but also because she has to experience them publicly.

  10. I went to the first stop on the tour in New Orleans on March 3rd. And dont get me wrong, i love britney but she didnt sing a single song. and she only sang 3 songs from the Circus cd and honestly, its the Circus tour, dont call it the Circus if your mostly promoting Blackout…The songs on the Circus cd are better by far and I wanted to see more of that. She also didnt say a word the entire time,, no how are you guys doing or anything. the only thing she said was thank you guys.. besides those 3 things she did great and looked amazing… it was worth the $55.00 I paid, but a wee bit disappointing.

  11. @Rachel: I read a review of the concert you went to and I totally remembered them talking about how she never addressed the audience. I guess she read those same reviews because she did a fair amount of talking at the Atlanta show. Not a ton, but she addressed the audience several times.

    I too was a little surprised she didn’t do more songs from the Circus album. I liked Blackout though, so I was OK with those being such a big part. But still, I agree that was a little odd.

  12. So I am also a Britney fan and I seen her in Tampa I thought the show was awesome for the most part! I just still feel she isn’t moving like she did back then. Its like ages scared to really break out like we all know she can! The point in the show that I thought she was really doing well as far as dancing she was in the cage and it was more attitude the. Dance skills! And needless to say she made a booboo by announcing to the crown her p**sy was hanging out!!! Oh Britney lol!! And my tickets were 125 a piece but we were super close!

    • @Justin: LOL, I saw a clip of that on TV! I agree that she’s definitely not bringing it with the dance moves like she used to, but I think that’s a combination of being scared and also being rusty. It’s been ages since she’s put on a show like the ones she did in the early part of this decade. But, I thought her backup dancers totally rocked it, and I loved the little part when they introduced them and they each got to do their own thing for a minute.

  13. i went to CIRCUS march 19th in TORONTO Canada. She is definitely BACK !!!!!!! I loved every second danced and dressed up as the schoolgirl Brit from “Hit me baby 1more time!”
    I love Britney and have always. Life is hard but its when u pull through and shine and grow. God Bless you and your two beautiful sons always. XXOO

    • @Natalie K: I’m so glad you had such a good time too! It really was a lot of fun and it was very encouraging to see her looking and performing well, and seemingly happy about it.

  14. Just got back from the Circus show in Washington, DC tonight 3/24. Brit definitely addressed the crowd more throughout the set, and did sing at certain points (“Everytime”). But I agree that her dancing was not up to par…she mostly strutted around in stilettos with some arm motions here and there. Of course, I don’t know who could be able to dance f0r 90 min straight. All in all, it was great…we were entertained and entranced the entire time. I also HAVE to give a shout out to PCD. What an opening act! Definitely gave Brit a tough act to follow.

  15. I saw The Circus: Starring Britney Spears on April 22nd in Oakland, CA. It was amazing!!! It seems she worked out all the kinks and felt comfortable because she’d talk to us a lot. Every other song or so, shed ask us how we were doing, if we were having fun and what not. And yes, her dancing leaves a lot to be desired these days. But I’m willing to give her till the next album and tour to come back and give us “Slave 4 U” and “Stronger” caliber dancing again. This is her first tour in 5 years. And she wasn’t exactly at the peak of her game the last few years. So, she’ll get there. We can be patient.

    I loved the show. Everything about it. It was stellar. Britney never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been a fan since the first time I heard/saw “Baby…One More Time” on MTV back in. ’98. She will always be my queen. Move over Madonna. You’ve been upstaged and you’ll never regain what Britney has on you.

  16. Britney is one of my favourite singers. She is hot, she is beautiful and most of all she has great tallent.

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