Things That Make Me Sad

depression4There’s been a lot of troubling news in the past week and it’s starting to get me down. So, I think talking about it would help.

Missing Boaters FootballNFL players Corey Smith (above) and Marquis Cooper, along with their friend William Bleakley, are still missing off the Florida coast after their fishing boat capsized in rough water. A fourth man, Nick Schuyler, was found alive and sitting atop the overturned boat about 40 miles west of Egmont Key, Florida, on Monday afternoon. The Coast Guard suspended its search for the men yesterday.

This one sits atop my sad news list because I went to college with Corey and knew him during my school days. I remember him being extremely nice and a good friend to all who knew him. I hope and pray that he and his friends are found alive soon.

rihannaRihanna has apparently gone back to her abusing SOB boyfriend, Chris Brown. While this kind of thing isn’t uncommon (Battered Women’s Syndrome), it doesn’t make it any less sad or frustrating.

293mcmahoned0604081It was reported a few days ago that Ed McMahon has been in the hospital for several weeks now battling unnamed ailments and pneumonia. The former Tonight Show sidekick turns 86 this week. I hope he celebrates that milestone with a speedy recovery.

3 responses to “Things That Make Me Sad

  1. I wonder if we get upset about Rihanna going back because we don’t like to think of ourselves as potential victims of abuse. I mean, Rihanna seems like a nice girl, and maybe this makes us realize collectively just how prominent abuse is? That money is no guarantee you will leave for good. Sigh. I don’t know, maybe it’s just depressing all its own. But celeb gossip is usually fun and silly-this is neither.

  2. @lalaland13: I think that’s definitely part of it–if someone as famous and beautiful and successful can be a victim, what’s to say I can’t be too? In all honesty though, I think that’s a good thing for people to think about because it can happen to anyone. The problem is when it does happen and you don’t make a move to stop it. I don’t know any situation like this that’s gotten better. It’s very sad, indeed.

  3. well, maybe she’ll get over him while he is in prison!

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