spam_11Tee-hee, my favorite spammer dropped by again today. Let’s see what kind of awesome stuff he’s talking about this time:

abortion moral or immoral
straight college guys gay
club fucking naked strip wife
sexy naked cartoons
free lesbian vampire
free indian movie sex watching
indian sex hoe com
devon find free michaels porn video
dragon sex story
r kelly porn video
zap branigan sexlexia
black latex podkapova zdenka
japan sexytoon
cock in my ass
un dia sin sexo


I’m totally inviting the club fucking naked strip wife and the free lesbian vampire over to watch sexy naked cartoons. Rowr!


5 responses to “Spam-a-lot

  1. Funny how people keep sending spams
    My advice is to always flag them and not give then any attention.

  2. Dragon sex story?! Do I even want to imagine the contex of that one…probably not.

  3. I wonder if sexlexia is a real condition and what exactly it would consist of.

  4. Your post is amazing……….. great!

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