spam_1Every day I check through the comments, approving new commenters (Hii! Welcome!) and deleting spam. Usually it’s just a bunch of unreadable mess, but this one today made me chuckle:

” amateur foot photos
anal dildo large
fuck me up the arse
adult big boob free site teen
amateur directory index jpg parent
updating video
animais pantanal
state sex offender database
hinduism moral code
sex forum and pic nude
celebrity black magic
professional dating sites
adult capital corporeal country ending in other punishment
adult anger management
lisa kudrow sex”

I think my favorites are “amateur foot photos” (what qualifies a foot as “professional?”) and “fuck me up the arse” (who doesn’t want to hear those words screamed out in the throes of passion?).


4 responses to “Spam-a-rama

  1. Ohhhhh, tell me more about this amateur directory index jpg parent. It’s making me hot.

  2. i hate it when mom gets drunk..

  3. Nice try Lisa Kudrow. Keep your dream of a Friends movie alive.

  4. At least they aren’t amateur photos of large anal dildos.

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